How To Create a Website and Make Money Online

How To Create a Website and Make Money Online


Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to make money online, not only for now, but also for years to come.  I’m not going to sit here and tell you this is a way to make money overnight… it’s not.  However, it will bring you an amazing income if you are willing to put forth the effort.  This is a business and as with any business you must invest some time and learn new things to become successful.


To own a successful internet marketing business, there are 3 things you must have

1.  Domain Name

2.  Hosting Account

3.  Auto Responder


To begin, you need to choose a subject matter you are interested in.  You may already know a little about it, maybe you don’t… either way make it something that sparks your interest.  You are going to spend some time dedicated to this subject and it can be loads of fun if you pick the right subject for you.


Once you’ve chosen the subject, get a pen and paper and start brainstorming domain names.  Your Domain name should be something easy for people to remember.  It needs to be “short & sweet”.  Try not to use too many dashes or underscores.  Some are okay, but try to keep them minimal.


Keep in mind you can also use capitalization to make each word stand out.  I.E. instead of It’s the same domain name, but is easier to read and looks more appealing to the eye.  This will make the words standout without using dashes or underscores.  Use keywords for your domain name.  If you were looking for your website, what would you type into google to find it?



Next, you need to see what domain names are available.  There are several registrars you can use to do so, but my personal favorite is GoDaddy.  If the domain name you type in is taken, it will offer you some suggestions.  This will help you get other ideas, and ultimately find the perfect domain name for your new business.


I suggest you use the extension dot com (.com), there are many other extensions available… but dot com is easier for people to remember.  It will be a little harder to find a dot com extension than some of the others because dot com’s are the most popular.  Domains cost about per year.


Once you have your domain name registered (meaning you have found and purchased it) you will need a hosting account.  There are lots of hosting companies out there and just because you buy your domain through one company, does not mean you must use that same company to host it.  Hosting costs about per month per site.  Just to name a couple….


Now you will need an auto responder.  An auto responder is pretty much your website’s secretary.  It makes your life much easier and your business incredibly more efficient.  When people visit your website, the will sign up to be on your list.  A list is a collection of names and addresses collected from your website.  Your auto responder will nurture your list.  It will automatically send out emails, newsletters, and other content you want your list to read.  The auto responder I use and recommend is AWeber.  The cost is per month and is worth every penny.


I know this all may be really confusing at first, but once you start implementing these processes, it will become second nature to you.


Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my article.  I really hope this has helped you in some way.


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Tiffany Iqbal lives in Texas and is a full-time internet marketer.

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