How To Create A Top Selling eBook In 7 Easy Steps

How To Create A Top Selling eBook In 7 Easy Steps Inside this cool new video I show you exactly how I create popular ebooks. It’s real fun and it’s probably a lot easier tha…

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24 Responses to How To Create A Top Selling eBook In 7 Easy Steps

  1. MultitalentNES says:

    If anyone here needs a artist to draw a cover, message me.?

  2. Jeremiah Upshur says:

    hello, just trying to learn A-Z about making an ebook. One question i have is, if i follow your instructions in the video, will my ebook be? readable on all devices?

  3. Art McCarty says:

    excellent video.?

  4. The420GeekSquad says:

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  6. Klaas Klapper says:

    Shouldn’t the CONTENT be at least as (if not more) important as the amount of pages? Who cares about the amount of pages really? I didn’t know there? were rules about this?

  7. Klaas Klapper says:

    For creating your own? SVG graphics you can use the wonderful free tool Inkscape.

  8. dave morlet says:

    If you want free ebooks to sell online then just Google “325+ free? ebooks with resell rights”.

  9. SurveyReviewMan says:

    how much pages should it have if i’m? just pricing it at $17

  10. Priscilla Olivier says:

    Hi Gideon Shalwick, thanks so much for this? helpful information ! kind regards.

  11. Monir Hossain says:

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  12. john powder says:

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  13. Patrick Toh says:

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  14. ostarahawkw says:

    Hello- I do have a question if you have a moment- if you dont have a list for the niche you are considering do you think its possible to get enough traffic?? 1. Because you will have no way to entice clickbank promoters (no numbers of converters etc) 2. You dont have the obvious advantages of a list or blog. Would you only recommend writing marketing an ebook after building a list and lastly.. do you think its possible to get enough traffic to the book via article writing or adwords?

  15. SuperGamerCraft says:

    What is a niche??

  16. Melina Hollway says:

    i really enjoyed your video, very informative and? easy to follow unlike all the other videos on youtube re this topic :)

  17. MrQuest3 says:

    First class video? and presentation. Excellent job well done.

  18. Rashedul Islam says:

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  19. Amnuai Beckenham says:

    Absolutely superb Gideon. My problem is that there is no forum for our niche – “Thai silk” – but you have given me lots of things to follow up especially using Freemind. Many thanks again for sharing your valuable knowledge and I will commit? to creating my first eBook. Amnuai

  20. rohit jolly says:

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  23. Gideon Shalwick says:

    sure? thing!

  24. Neil Sinclair says:

    Great Video Gideon. You are definitely an Inspiration – I am going to set up your videos on? my Channel as a ‘recommended list’ on Video Production if that is alright.

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