How To Build A Complete Online Business With Article Marketing

How To Build A Complete Online Business With Article Marketing

Thousands of people online today are currently making their living off of writing articles, but not exactly how you would expect them to.

The key isn’t just to write articles for your affiliate links, and it definitely is NOT to write articles for pay. The reasoning is: you’re only hitting a very select audience…

And once you hit them up for money, they might never come back for more products.

The key to making real money online with internet marketing is building relationships and connections with your clients.

You want to go to their level, and ask yourself, “what is it that my clients really need and want?”

Then once you figure it out, GIVE IT TO THEM.

You can’t build relationships with your clients if all you are doing 24/7 is selling to them. People make you money, so build relationships with them.

So basically, this is how you do it:

1) You want to enter a niche that is really profitable. Like, a few million searches from Google profitable. You also really need to look out for who else is making money. If other people are making money with a certain niche, then you can easily do the same. In fact, the more people making money in that niche, the better. It’s really easy (especially online) to get a slice of the action, rather than trying to take control of the entire niche.


2) Write articles about your niche, in a particular subtopic. As I said before, the more specific you get with your articles, the more specific the people you are trying to target. If you write an article about puppies, but the people you are trying to target are searching for “puppies with brown hair,” then you aren’t doing a good job targeting the right clients.

Write a lot of articles….A ton of articles. That’s the key most people miss. Article marketing really has to do with quantity AND quality, not just one or the other.

Write loads of high quality articles…and lots of people will read them. Simple as that.

3) Create a website that offers something of value. Like a free ebook or more articles. Anything that will direct the client to YOUR page which you can fully customize to make you money. You can monetize it, or do whatever you want with it. But the more people that are sent to YOUR website, the better.

4) Once they are on your website, it’s easy to start targeting what your clients really need. Send out an email to all your subscribers asking them about the information they want. And give it to them.

Once your clients trust and love you, then you can sell to them as a friend.

Also, here’s a quick tip for your online business: never sell anything that you don’t buy yourself. It’s hypocritical.

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