How Much Time Do eBook Publishers Have to Spend Dealing With Customer Support Issues?

Most people who start an eBook publishing business have a limited amount of time available to them. Naturally, they want to spend the vast majority of that time marketing their products — not stuck dealing with customer support issues. However, providing good customer support is an incredibly important part of being in business. Just think of yourself when you buy something. Don’t you want to know that there’s good support being offered by the company you just paid money to? Of course!

I don’t have the space to get into everything here, but let me offer one suggestion that will dramatically cut down on the number of support requests you receive. I highly recommend providing support instructions for how to download and access an eBook at the time the sale is made. In other words, don’t assume that someone knows how to access a portable document format (PDF) file. Provide some instructions that help a customer understand how to save the file to their computer, and how to open it.

Just this one tip alone will dramatically cut down on the number of support requests you receive, and you’re going to also have happier customers. Imagine buying something, wanting to immediately access it, but then having difficulty doing so. It’s incredibly frustrating, and it reflects poorly on you as an eBook publisher. By providing instructions, you’re giving the customer the immediate assistance they need without requiring them to contact you and wait for you to reply. How much time do eBook publishers have to spend dealing customer support issues? In my experience, it’s not that much.

Here’s the bottom line… with a little bit of effort and forethought, you can really pare the amount of time you spend dealing with customer support issued down to an absolute minimum. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the customer.

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