Google Instant Preview Can Save You Time




One of the most beneficial aspects of using Instant Preview is the ability to preview a snapshot of a website or webpage, and this snapshot is directly seen from the Google home search page. Many people agree that this benefit saves them a lot of time when searching for words online, mostly because they do not have to click on a bunch of different pages to gain knowledge of whether or not the page is exactly what they are looking for. 


Another advantage of Instant Preview is acknowledged through one of Google’s claims, which states people who use Instant Preview are 5% more probable to be pleased with the results they click on.


Google Instant Preview also enables users to flip through previews and choose for themselves which website is the one they are looking for. If a website is a spam blog the user is able to ignore visiting it, therefore, preventing the user from becoming infected spam blog.


Orange text call outs can also sometimes be seen in a highlighted form, this allows a user to see where there searched terms are located on a webpage, which helps them ultimately decide whether a website is the one they are looking for. 


Google Instant Preview also provides the advantage of being able to preview diagrams, graphics and pictures, which allow a user to decide what site is best for them. 




So how does Google Instant Preview work? A user clicks on a magnifying glass which is next to each search result on Google’s search page. Once the user clicks on this magnifying glass they no longer have to click to view previews of each result in a search listing. 




Many people enjoy using Google Instant Preview because if they are looking for a page that they have already viewed, with the help of the Instant Preview they are capable of seeing if any search results look familiar. Official websites are also easy to find because a person is easily able to preview a websites logo and see if that is the correct page they are looking for.


Kaushal Gandhi is SEO Expert and Director of Mumbai based Aaris Internet Solutions. Aaris provides SEO consulting and specialises in promoting small business websites with its affordable seo packages.

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