Google Chrome OS, the OS for netbooks


It presented the new operating system Google Chrome OS.L edition is not yet final and is being tested and improved. This operating system is ideal for netbooks, for a number of reasons we’re going to expose. First, this OS is designed to be lightweight and fast, as well as secure and simple. All features are managed by the Chrome browser, which is involves a bit like Windows Explorer. This operating system, however, differs significantly from the classic Windows, Linux and MacOS, why does not install application: it only supports Web applications Os Chrome-which means that without a connection Internet, you can use any application. The fact that you only use on-line services, has the disadvantage of requiring a constant connection to the Internet, but the advantage of removing the hazards caused by installation of malware. These features contribute to ease and expedite the system. As well as removing startup loading of all unnecessary services, which make it a netbook, it starts in just seven seconds.

This Google product, as Android is based on Linux, and was developed by a team of successful, Mountain View, which has already deployed products such as Gmail, Voice, Wave, YouTube, Picasa. Another advantage is inherited from the Linux freeware, and the availability of open source code, which allows changes to producers who may need it, or simply those who want to improve the product. Google once again to challenge Microsoft on the grounds of portability, announcing Chrome Os, a few months of the marketing of Windows 7. Of course the way to convince consumers and producers is still very long and full of obstacles. The fact that so far 40 million people chose Chrome, Microsoft certainly does not leave with no worries.

Another good thing about Chrome is the sicruezza Os, a remarkable fact that every open window, using a portion of memory independent, ensuring that in case of problems, we should not restart, but you can simply close the window locked. In addition to numerous additional services, selected through a catalog on-line, by Chrome developers have put great attention to the compatibility factor. In order not to create problems due to the installation of various hardware, the class of devices that can run Chrome has been narrowed dramatically. For example Os Chrome can be installed only on Hard Disk Solid State, devices must support a number of very stringent specifications and drivers to be certified. In any case the work on compatibility has been very successful, including a wide range of peripherals.


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