Google Android “?” Groundbreaking Open Source Platform

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What, exactly, is Google Android? Ive been hearing a lot about it, and Ive looked it up online, but Im still not too sure what it is, and what it does. All Im seeing is that everyones using it- Paul

Dear Paul,

Google Android is actually a mobile phone operating system, not a phone itself, as many people seem to think. Its very like Microsoft Windows on your desktop computer, and its the system which organizes how phones function. It has many of the features found in other popular handsets like Apples iPhone, but with one major difference Its open-source, making it the first free, fully customisable mobile platform.

This means that unlike the iPhone software, manufacturers like HTC and Motorola can take Android and modify it to suite their phone. They can change the way it looks and feels, and turn it into their own version of Android.

HTC recently created a custom interface for their phones called Sense, while Motorola have just released Motoblur. Popular handsets running Android include the newly released HTC Desire, Motorolas DEXT and Backflip, and Sony Ericssons Xperia X10.

To give you some idea of how popular Android is, if you search it, youll get 141 million responses. There are endless Google Android apps, tablets, games, you name it, the app for everything idea pounced on Android.

Theres a good reason for this popularity, too. Android is able to be a universal phone OS. That gets rid of the proprietary problems, and because its free open source, there are no built-in costs. Anyone whos battled the costs of a cell phone can appreciate the values there.

Google has also, naturally, set up Android to take its own apps. If you want to see how Android operates in terms of flexibility, check out the Google mobile Android site and youll see that even Google Earth and Google Shopping are available.

Google Android is the start of a major shift in mobile devices to truly efficient phones that are a lot more than just ways of spending money. Its quite possible that you could run a business from the existing state of Android, and no doubt therell be a lot more to come.

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