Gmail Turns into Social Network with Google Buzz

On February 9, the American internet services introduced a new social networking site like Facebook and Twitter which allows users updating status, sharing Picasa images and Youtube video, links and other contents through a tab right in Gmail.


Net users are not possible update social networking sites but they have to check email daily and even update news and information from Facebook, Twitter or MySpace through email account. As the result, Google hopes netizen to welcome its newest service with many innovative advantages.



Google introduces Google Buzz


“A new way to share information and communicate” in Gmail


New way to share information and communicate

Users log in Buzz through a tab below Inbox in Gmail. (Today, Google starts to implement this tool to all Gmail account and promises to finish within one week).


Google Buzz friend list

40 accounts which user chats frequently in Gmail and Gchat would be automatically transferred to friend list. New updates from friends would also display in Inbox.


Status comment 


Status comment

Users could appreciate status through click on “like” or “dislike” and leave comment to a status.


Sharing information

Sharing information


User could share Picasa or Flickr photos, Youtube videos or tweet from Twitter to Buzz (have not support Facebook yet). However, they can not update Buzz to Twitter or other sites.



Mobile app

Buzz is also a web mobile app. When using Google Mobile Maps, users could see Buzz updates right on the map and read other updates from the nearest positions.




With each tweet, people can choose “private” (for a group to see the information) or “public” (the information would be shared on Google Profile or Google Search).


Watch video:

Google Buzz



Google Buzz for Mobile



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