Give Your Book Readers the Opportunity to Ask For More

Successful authors need a product funnel for their books.  Simply put, a product funnel is a group of products and services, related to your book topic, that readers could purchase from you after they’ve read your book.

All the most successful non-fiction authors have a product funnel.  Consider Wayne Dyer’s audio programs, Debbie Ford’s coach training services, and all the other authors you know who do workshops, teleclasses, calendars, card decks, cruises, and a myriad of other offerings.

If you want to really serve people with your message and create a livable income from your book, you must have a product funnel.

This story will explain how it works:

Life Coach Tina specializes in helping parents of teenagers to manage stress and successfully navigate the teen years.

She writes a book about parenting teens that she sells for about 20 dollars.

Before she launches the book, she gives away a free eBook on ways to get a teen to do homework and be more responsible.  People who get this free eBook go onto her mailing list and receive a monthly newsletter from her as well.

Next Tina creates a workbook and teleclass for parents, which provides training, contracts and worksheets to help them set up house rules for teen, a big concept in her book.  She sells this class for 79 dollars, mentions it in her newsletter and in the resource section of her book.  Later she had the class put on a CD so that people can learn the information even if they missed the class.

Then, Tina creates a three-month group-coaching program for parents of kids who are failing in school.  This group is offered for 299 dollars.

Finally, Tina writes a 12-week course on effective communication techniques for teens and parents in crisis.  She offers this course to local school districts and community agencies as a train the trainer program so that their staff can teach her material in small local groups.  She sells a license to use this material for 699 dollars to professionals and a home study version for individual use at a lower price.

Did you notice the progression of information and price points?
How could you use a product funnel with your readers?
What parts of your book would be idea for an information product or personal interaction with you in a class or workshop?

Creating a product funnel is hard if you do not know what you are doing.  I know; I had several failed attempts myself before I got some solid training on exactly how to do this.  Now that I know this information, my business has been transformed and so have the business’s of my clients’.

One thing leads to another- how can you make that true for your readers?

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