Free Ebooks – Ebook Styles That Work And The Benefits You Can Get

Free Ebooks – Ebook Styles That Work And The Benefits You Can Get

Article by John Teh

As a writer, is there anything different when you create an eBook than simply writing a book? Yes there is. You CREATE an eBook, whereas you WRITE a book. That alone makes a whole lot of distinction.

Writing a Book

In writing a book, it’s easy to blurt out that you need writing skills. But there are different writing styles for novel length books and those for short articles like in newspaper, blog or website.

One critical quality apart from writing skill is the patience to finish a project. Unlike writing a short article which is really more of a journalistic exercise than a literary one, writing a book is like handling a big project. While writing an article can be spontaneous, often needing little organization of thought and research, writing a book requires a lot of logical thinking.

Any book needs a publisher or anyone who will take a financial and marketing gamble to have your manuscript made into thousands of paperbacks or hardbound books to sell to its target markets.

The publisher is often both an astute businessman and a literary critique who has a say on what needs to be added or edited out in your book In short, you often have to give up complete control if you want to get your book published. Once published, your book often gets a very limited market exposure unless it has been reviewed by noted critics or listed in some esoteric bestseller listing. This way, your book will get worldwide exposure or syndication.

Creating an eBook

On the other hand, just about anyone with a good command of a language can create an eBook. That’s right, even housewives with no journalistic or literature degrees can create an eBook. You only need to learn the creation process that eBook publishing applications can do. The writing style in the level of a Hemingway or Dickens is not necessary. The only writing criterion is to be able to bring your message across.

Once you have your eBook manuscript in a word processing tool, you need to get it spruced up with images, video and audio files, animated Flash or GIF files and illustrations. That is why the operative verb for eBooks is ‘create.’

It’s a production item that is the ultimate mix of what multimedia is about. Of course, you can still limit your eBook to pure text. But even so, coming out with an eBook requires you to create the correct file format your target market can read in their Kindle or iPads. It’s really quite simple. You only need to generate a non-editable file like a PDF that any eBook reader or PC can display or a device-specific format like AZW files for Kindle.

Harvesting the eBook Advantage

There’s no need for the traditional publisher. You can publish your eBook on your own and you have instant worldwide market exposure. There are countless digital libraries who are only too happy to publish you eBook free and get it featured on their sites.

You can upload your finished PDF eBook files or you can send your raw Word files to them for free conversion and online publication. You can start one with free eBook sites that can get your name noticed. And if your writing and topic catches their attention, your name can soon become as recognizable as a Hemingway on the net.

About the Author

John Teh is an ebook collector, enthusiastically sharing free ebooks to everybody on the web. If you love to read, click here to access free ebook downloads.

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