Free Ebooks- Don’t Miss the End!

Free Ebooks on Amazon Kindle- Fix your Metabolism and Get Fit with These 2 Free Books Cleansing for Health,Vibrance and Fat Loss FREE August 17th- 21st- http…

Tech Talk #9 FREE EBooks

In this lesson we will learn how to find ebooks. We then will look at Calibre to manage your ebook collections.
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10 Responses to Free Ebooks- Don’t Miss the End!

  1. Dar Jus says:

    Hey guys I just came across this new? website that will give you access to potentially thousands of e books for free from both established and upcoming authors. Go to…and see what it’s all about…looks really exciting!!!

  2. Thomas Gibson says:

    Haha? I LOVE this!

  3. Genevieve Hayes says:

    How come I didn’t know? this? Just downloaded that fitness book.

  4. Glenn McBride says:

    Thanks for? the info :)

  5. Susan Hinkle says:

    Awesome? stuff!

  6. Jeff Weathers says:

    I’ve gotten so many downloads from this,? THANK you!!

  7. Martin Mack says:

    So those books are just free? for a few days?

  8. Richard Henderson says:

    Great info, thanks for? sharing.

  9. Glyn Davies says:

    Hi Jack, great video. Could you give? us a link to the background picture on your desktop? You can just see it 11min 18 sec into this video, its the wild west background.
    I think it looks really cool and would love that on my desktop.


  10. walterhaase says:

    It weird, it works fine on my? desktop, won’t run on my iPhone. Oh well, another great vid! keep them coming :)

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