Finding the Time to Work on Your Home Based eBook Publishing Business

Not that long ago I was sitting at a car repair shop waiting room. I could have walked back to my condominium, but I suspected that I wouldn’t have to wait long and decided to just have a seat in the waiting room. I’m glad I did. I struck up a conversation with someone else who was there. He was someone who looked familiar, and sure enough, he had worked at the same place I had many years ago.

He asked me what I was doing these days, and I explained that I was heavily involved in the eBook publishing business. To my surprise, he seemed interested in learning more. Now at this point you might wonder why I’d be so open with sharing information about the business I’m involved with. After all, wouldn’t it make sense to keep this information secret so that I’d have less potential competition?

In some ways, the eBook publishing industry is like the pizza industry. Think about how many mom and pop pizza shops exist. Think about all the major pizza chains that are out there. I mean really, the pizza industry is absolutely massive. The opportunities are endless. It’s the same way with the eBook publishing industry. So me talking to this guy about eBooks isn’t going to put a dent in my profits.

The big sticking point for this guy was time. He just really didn’t have a lot of time to spare, and he was asking me what ideas I might have insofar as helping him get started with eBooks taking into consideration the fact that he just didn’t have a lot of spare time.

You basically have two options when it comes to making money with eBooks on the Internet. Your first option is to figure everything out on your own through costly and time consuming trial and error. This isn’t a very smart approach if you have a limited amount of time to work with. Your second option is to invest in a proven “road map” that can show you how to shortcut your way to success. Having an easy-to-follow action plan will help you avoid the money losing mistakes that aspiring eBook publishers accidentally make. You will also be saving a lot of time and avoiding needless frustration.

Here’s the bottom line: with a proven game plan, anybody can get started in this business regardless of the time constraints they might have.

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