Features That Make Epub More Attractive To Publishers and Readers

Whereas the Epub format is not yet as popular as the other eReaders, it is fast becoming popular with many publishers and readers. All eReaders have good features that make them ideal for certain purposes, as well as some limitations. Accordingly, there must be some very good qualities in the Epub format, and which are encouraging a good number of people to convert PDF to Epub.

One aspect that many people will love about Epub is that it allows the publisher to include supplementary material in the document. You can easily add video, multimedia and even data sheets into your document. This property has made this format very appealing to publishers of technical manuals because it is now possible to incorporate interactive material into such publications. You cannot do this with other readers because they only support text and images; if you want to enliven your documents therefore, you can simply convert PDF to Epub.

Another good feature of Epub is that it can be used during all the stages of publishing a scholarly document. This means that you can use it during data collection, annotation, authoring, and peer review, thus sparing yourself the need to do time-wasting file format conversions. People have traditionally used Ms Word to publish information followed by converting such documents to XML and then to HTML or PDF, but with Epub it is possible to directly publish a document without the need for these conversions.

Publishers who want to disseminate their information widely prefer to use Epub for the simple reason that Epub uses an open format and can as such be read on a number of devices.

This versatile trait makes it easier to share files because people using different devices can all access these documents. In fact, online bookstores have elected to convert PDF to Epub so as to make their books available to a wider audience. Further, Epub documents have a better flow-ability and which makes them fit very well in the small displays of handheld devices, a feature lacking in PDF and other eReaders.

Despite these pleasant attractions it is still too early to proclaim that Epub is the death knell for other eReaders because each format still maintains some degree of attractiveness. For instance, PDF and Ms Word documents are easier to create and do not require the kind of technical expertise necessary to create Epub documents. Besides, other readers are also quite easy to use and not everyone is interested in reading on their androids anyway.

If you have files that are already in other formats such as MS Word or PDF you can quite easily change them to Epub if you so wish. If you want to convert PDF to Epub there are lots of software available online that can help you to do this; some are free while others are for sale. Interestingly, you can still convert Epub back to PDF if you need to.

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