EXCLUSIVE! Michael Scott – The Nameless City – Doctor Who eBook

EXCLUSIVE! Michael Scott - The Nameless City - Doctor Who eBook

Michael Scott talks about his childhood memories of Doctor Who and his eagerness to write his Second Doctor adventure – The Nameless City – in this exclusive…

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18 Responses to EXCLUSIVE! Michael Scott – The Nameless City – Doctor Who eBook

  1. RetroDoctorWho says:

    23rd of November this year.

  2. kenshi1 says:

    Yeah the second Doctor was ok but David Tennant still the best Doctor Who

  3. Mischifer6 says:

    My Doctor is Matt Smith. I loved Tennant, but Matt was the one that made me
    an official fan.

  4. thecollabyounow says:

    23rd of november

  5. timrob12 says:

    I just hope she’s on the list!

  6. Alexander Sigsworth says:

    I think we’ve reached the point where we all sort-of know this is a
    realistic possibility, but nobody’s really confirmed that it could happen.

  7. Hannah qwertz says:

    Could we just agree that this is a matter of opinion and insulting people
    will come to nothing.

  8. Michael Scott says:

    I am a writer and my name is Michael Scott but because of this guy I am now
    Michael Ascot.

  9. M. K. Summerford says:

    At first, I thought this was going to involve H. P. Lovecraft’s Nameless
    City =P

  10. CyggyStardust says:

    David Tennant is really not the best Doctor. He’s good, but not the best.

  11. QWERTUP101 says:

    Predictions for who will write Pertwee’s? And to people who are arguing who
    is the best Doctor, they are all playing the same man in the same show we
    all love huh!

  12. Murray Lochrie says:

    Patrick is the best. The end

  13. UGOTNUKED says:

    I’ve never seen much of him. So many of his episodes are lost. What a

  14. dancingmonkey08 says:

    So are all the writers going to be Irish? lol I see they have come to the
    best, cant wait to see who is writing the remaining 9 books

  15. Mariluz Estevez says:

    So basically, he wrote official Doctor Who fanfiction. And I can’t even
    begin to tell you how awesome is that.

  16. John Aggett says:

    nice video

  17. SupremeDalek1000 says:

    Matt Smith is the best Doctor ever. Followed by Jon Pertwee

  18. timrob12 says:

    I wonder if Rowling is going to write for 10. Would be funny, since he was
    in Goblet of Fire!

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