Engage and Excite Your Readers With These 10 Blog Writing Tips


It is a  fact that blogging is an important marketing tool, and many of us are becoming adept at writing articles together with other fascinating and informative morsels to be published on our own websites. We publish them on article directories, in the hope that our efforts will be noticed by others, who will subsequently include our offerings on their own sites, our goal being the acquisition of all important links.

Here are ten top tips to consider when writing blogs:

1) Be confident with your theory:

People find the reading of blogs  enjoyable and are interested in others’ opinions and beliefs. Make your content entertaining and factual and tempt the reader to comment and join in.

2) Don’t be too free with links:

Blog posts should never be overloaded with links. This could be off putting for your reader. Select  the most appropriate words at reasonable intervals. Make sure that each embedded link page relates to the product or facility you are promoting or blogging about.


3) Don’t get carried away:

Try to remain  on subject. It is easy to digress while typing and to lose sight of  what the core point  of the post was to be.

4) No more that three minutes please:

People’s attention spans tend to be limited,  Should your blog take  more than three minutes to read, you could lose your reader because they have lost  interest.

5) Go for a great headline:

Choosing your headline can sometimes be  the the most challenging part of blog writing. Be lead by  the newspapers who are known experts  at writing concise and exciting headlines.

6) Be enthusiastic:

People love enthusiasm, so write with a passion. The most enduring bloggers bewitch and delight their readers by writing passionately about their subject. 

7) Make adjustments:

Once your blog is written, read it over a couple of times. Rectify any mistakes and consider how the article may be improved. A blog is rarely faultless with the first read.

8) Be visually pleasing:

A readable blog must not comprise of large paragraphs and long, wearisome sentences. Use a font that makes for easy reading in an inoffensive size –  neither too large nor too small.

9) Write with consistency:

By being consistent, you can develop a following. Give your readers what they expect and they will come back for more, a little like a favorite novel author’s newest book release.

10) Be canny with your keywords:

Try to pepper your blog post with the keywords you think your readers will search for, without being too obvious of course. Spontaneously incorporated words are best.



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