Ebook Writing – Discover 5 Steps to Improve Your Ebook Writing

Not really satisfied with the quality of your ebooks? Do you wish you can do something to make them look more valuable and more compelling? Here’s what you can do:

1. Use catchy titles. You’ll be able to attract more potential buyers to take a second look at your ebooks if your titles are powerful and catchy. Write at least 5 tentative titles for each of your ebooks. Make sure that they are all benefit-driven, very descriptive, to the point, and intriguing. Then, show these titles to your friends, some of your potential clients, and industry leaders. These people can help you choose the best titles for your ebooks so you can easily generate the kind of attention you need online.

2. Pay attention to your ebook covers. If you don’t have the technical know-how, I recommend that you hire graphic designer from outsourcing or freelancing websites who can do the legwork for you. You can brief this person about the preferences and profile of your clients so he/she can decide on the right color combination and images to use that can easily push the buttons of your target market.

3. Plan each chapter. The problem with some ebook writers is that they don’t create a specific plan of action for each of their ebook’s chapters. As a result, their information get mixed up and their content sound like they just put together some random thoughts. If you want to impress your readers and if you want to give them great learning experience, you must avoid going to this route at all cost. Before you start hitting your keyboard, create an outline for each of your chapters to make sure that you’ll be able to cover all must-have information without repeating them on other chapters.

4. Spill the beans. You’ll be able to impress your readers if you can share with them some insider tips and valuable techniques that can help to speed up the learning process. The more useful information you offer, the more valuable your ebooks will become to the eyes of these people.

5. Keep it short. You don’t need to make your ebooks run 100 pages. If you can deliver the information you have in 30-50 pages, the better. Keep in mind that the audience you are serving are known to have busy lifestyle and short attention span. They will most likely to spend their time and money on your ebooks if they know that they’ll be able to get the kind of information they need without really spending so many hours reading.

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