Ebook Reader Market Competition Upgrades

Ebook Reader Market Competition Upgrades

Article by Gostop

As market competition intensifies and terminal technology upgrades, ebook reader’s profits will begin to decline and rely solely on terminal profit pattern, difficulty in forming the competitive advantage of content resources for future market competition will be the focus.Enfodesk analysys think-tank last year, according to the latest data in the fourth quarter 31.78 sales of Chinese electronic reader. 20.11% million, annulus growth Last year 106.69 million, total sales reached 100 million, breakthrough success than expected slightly higher 105 million. This year, different types of content platform competition is intense, the cloud bookstores, sweet potatoes nets, baidu’s library, xinhua bookstore in September nets, Google’s electronic bookstore, including dangdang network also have the chance to join to digital publishing content platform in the race to, at the same time, China mobile reading base also did the corresponding website, this year may on-line operation, on the one hand may provide users online to proofread the function of 20% content, on the other hand, the future is likely to promote reading base for the function of cloud reading, rich content resources, to rely on users to step into the advantage of competition in the content platform.However, analysys international, Ebook reader market still need some time to develop. Terminal equipment and content of disconnection is to let electronic reading market Mired embarrassed. At present, the market of electronic reading terminal mainstream higher price, the large capacity of terminals, offer some dynamic is as high as 23000 yuan. As for thousands of yuan of right-and-left terminal market, a penny a points goods. These products subject to smaller capacity, no touch screen function, flip speed also slower, difficult to meet consumers’ reading requirements.In addition, because books market rampant piracy, ebook reader squeezed by hard to survive. How about the content with digital publishing union, how to find equipment contractor and content providers interests balance, whether equipment dealer or content providers, still in confused state.This year, is expected to analysys international electronic reader growth is slowing, annual sales of 145.78 million. To early 2012, with the government to combat piracy, ebook reader standard further landing issued and content of the platform construction in mature, electronic reader market environment can be improved.

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