Ebook Reader Device – Facts About the Top 2 Ebook Reader Devices

Finding the Perfect ebook reader device can be an extremely tedious and long without real facts. If you are currently in the market for an ebook reader device do not buy any electronic book reader with out reading every word in this article first! Below I will be giving some insight about two of the top devices currently on the market:

Electronic Book Readers:

Amazon Kindle 2
Sony PRS-505

Amazon Kindle 2:
Amazon has recently released the Kindle 2. This exciting new Hand Held E book reader has a very slim and unique design. The Display is six inches in length and includes a back light so you may read in the darkest places. This ebook reader device weighs in at 10.2 ounces, allowing one to carry it any where with ease. The kindle 2 does have wireless capabilities, the network that’s used is the 3G network which is very popular among major cell phone carries. This means that you will have access virtually any where in the world. The neatest feature that amazon offers with this device is access to an online book store where you have a huge selection of over 100,000 books that can be downloaded in minutes. The cost of the books are half off compared to traditional book stores.

Sony PRS-505:
Sony is one of the leading developers with these new technical gadgets. With its release of the Sony PRS-505 it complements its status as an authority in electronics. This Ebook Reader Device also has a very sleek design making it easily portable and fun to use. This Magnificent digital book system uses the CONNECT Online book store which has a nice variety of books to choose from. It also has a dual media feature which allows the you to have up to 8 giga-bytes of storage space.

Finally the book has been Innovated! If you haven’t experimented with these New devices I definitely recommend you start. This is the future and you do not want to be left behind.

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