Ebook Mistakes – Here Are Two Common Missteps People Make When Creating an Ebook

Ebooks, Ecourse, E-products, whatever. Now-a-days, people are creating all kinds of products for the internet. I’ve already wrote about Ecourse mistakes, now let me tell you about some common mistakes people make when creating an Ebook.

Mistake #1: Feedback (positive or negative). Some people say to get feedback before you start selling the ebook, others say to put it out there and start making money with it WHILE you’re asking for feedback. I’m not here to say which concept is right or which one isn’t, but I am here to tell you that getting feedback on your ebook is critical to the longevity of it.

Most people think that when they create their first product, whatever it is, it is perfect. After all, they are the experts, right? I’m telling you to ASK for feedback from friends as quickly as possible! Then LISTEN to them if they have concerns about something.

Same thing with your list. ASK for feedback and LISTEN to what the are telling you about your product. After all, they are you customers, right? Find out what the like, what they don’t like, what grabbed their attention, ect. Take that info and revise your ebook to fit there needs. That doesn’t seem hard, does it?

Mistake #2: Having a Bad Sales Page. Your website sales letter is what visitors see first, it’s your “salesman”, so to speak. It needs to be snappy, it needs to grab interest, it needs to do what it’s designed to do…SELL

If a salesman can’t sell, he gets fired. If your sales page isn’t selling, fire it! Change it, get a new one! Do something. You could have the greatest product in the world, but if the sales page isn’t doing it’s job, what’s the point in having the product?

Most people come to your site because they have a problem of some sort. Your sales page is the solution to their problem. If it’s dull, boring or ugly, people won’t listen (or read) the message. People are looking for what you have or they wouldn’t seek out your webpage. You need to convince them they YOU have the solution to their problem, issue or challenge. This needs to be done within the contents of the sales copy of your SALESPAGE!

If you feel your product is that good, but no one is buying it because you don’t know how to create a decent sales page, then have someone do it for you! Hire it out but you must have it done right.

A great “salesman” can sell the crappiest product. The same with your sales page. Think about that one for a while. Even if your ebook isn’t the best, a great sales page can change all the for you.

This was just a scratch on the surface. Of course there are other ebook mistakes people make, these are just a small list of two. Find out more about creating an ebook at http://www.Extreme-Secrets.com

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