Ebook Creation – Choosing Ebook Creation Software

Creating an ebook can be difficult, but as with just about any computer related task, there is an easier way. Ebook creation software will allow you to create a much more polished book ready for immediate publishing. How much of the work is taken on by the software will depend on what type of software you decide to use.

There are a lot of free software choices available, but these are going to be much more limited than paid versions. The free choices may only assist in creating the cover, title page, and table of contents. Other software programs will have much more functionality.

The best ebook creation software will allow you to import a Word document and edit it for spelling and grammar. It will also allow you to format the book in a professional manner, add headers and footers, and create a table of contents automatically based on your headings.

Once this is completed the software should make creating a professional and eye catching cover in a snap. More advanced packages may include clip art for use on the cover, although the more unique it is the better. You should also create a title page, and make sure the whole book is complete and well organized.

Once the ebook is completed, the software should be able to convert the book into PDF or EXE format for easy downloading and reading. More expensive software packages will be able to lock down this file so that nothing can be changed or copied from the book.

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