Earn With Private Label E-books

However, it does not mean that you cannot make money by selling other people e-books. It’s called private label resell rights.To acquire the private label resell rights, more often than not, you will encounter them online.

These individuals who are selling the resells rights to their e-books aren’t washed out writers who couldn’t get a book deal. In fact, more often than not, these authors just haven’t had the right marketing strategy. If you possess what they don’t, for sure you can make a full time living by just doing this. First off, find a writer who is willing to sell his e book’s resell rights to you.

Once you have found a client, request a copy of the e-book so you can personally gauge if it is actually marketable. If it is, don’t lose the opportunity and strike a deal! Now the harder part is finding a buyer. The best way to make a sale is to market it to the intended audience.

You can create a modest web page with your newly purchased e-book information. Of course it won’t get picked out by search engines so it’s up to you to be creative. You can link your web page on popular forums that are related to your e-book topic. Or if you’re feeling very old school, you can put up advertisements with the regular and online classified ads.

I prefer the online one as it caters to a larger market and the cost of maintenance is next to nothing. If you’re an experienced on line auctioneer, you can always post up your e- book in the online auction sites. It’s fairly easy to operate and on most occasions, your e-book will be bought. If not, it will at least get enough exposure out there which will consequently lead to a sure sale.

Buying and selling e – books take time to generate profit so remember that slow and steady wins the race. Give yourself time to learn the ropes and if you wish to move on to other business opportunities, its up to you but at least you gave this a try.

Charlotte Howard is an attraction marketing coach. Showing others how to build income online without spending a ton of money. To learn more about these methods visit: http://www.CharlottePlanB.com

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