Do you wanna access to your e-books on additional devices?

Do you wanna access to your e-books on additional devices?

One of the advantages of having your reading collection “in the cloud” is that you can access your books on multiple devices, though some e-book vendors offer better cross-platform support than others do.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble are currently neck and neck when it comes to device support. In addition to their respective e-book readers, both vendors offer free apps on the iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Android phones, BlackBerry phones, Windows PCs, and Macs. So even when you leave the e-reader at home, for instance, you can pick up your book right where you left off and continue reading it on your phone or PC screen.

An ebook is essentially the electronic version of any book, hence the name. E-book readers are therefore devices that are primarily designed for reading ebooks. Storage capacities depend on type of device / gadget, but a 512MB SD card typically fits up to 350 ebooks. That’s probably more than the number of books you have in your house! Just think about the thousands of titles you can fit in a 4GB SD card. And since you’re just carrying with you a six-inch device, you don’t have to worry about portability when it comes to bringing your favorite books wherever you go. E-Ink consists of a microencapsulated suspension in a clear medium containing particles which are white one half and black the other, the white being positively charged, and the black with a negative charge. The E Ink technology creates a very high contrast display making the grays and blacks pop off of the white background in great clarity. In a degree, E-ink is the most important technology in producing an ebook reader.


Sony currently offers Windows and Mac versions of its software (currently called Reader Library, soon to be rebadged as “Reader Desktop Edition”).


The company has pledged to offer iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) and Android Reader apps before the end of 2010.

For now, you can read Apple’s iBooks on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch only.

Kobo also has good cross-platform e-book support. In addition to Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, you can get a Kobo app for BlackBerry, Android, and Palm Pre phones.

The bottom line is that Amazon and Barnes & Noble currently have the best support for a wide variety of devices. But since this software is free, you can mix and match e-book stores as needed. You can also “try before you buy” as each platform offers hundreds, if not thousands, of public-domain books that you can download and read for free. is a large B2C online trading platform which aimed to provide high quality China Brands Tablet PCs to consumers at wholesale prices. Experience professional service and quality China Brand Tablet PCs made in China today.

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