Do You Need Special Software to Successfully Operate an eBook Publishing Business?

We’ve got a limited amount of space and a lot to cover, so let’s just jump right in and tackle this question head-on. What special software, if any, is really needed to operate a successful eBook publishing company? I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. I think that in some ways the question stems from a legitimate concern a lot of aspiring eBook publishers have that they will need to invest in special software in order to give themselves a chance to be successful with this business.

Let’s start with the most basic and obvious software application that you’ll need: a word processor. This can be virtually anything, but I highly recommend something called Open Office Writer. It’s free, and extremely powerful. What do you use a word processor for? You use a word processor to create your eBook manuscript. This is the raw document that will later be encoded to a portable document format file when you’re ready to distribute the contents of your eBook to customers.

What other special software, if any, is needed? Some argue that it’s important to have a graphic design software program so that you can create your own eBook covers. I have typically shied away from this, and instead, have chosen to hire freelance graphic designers to do this work for me. Why hire someone else to do this for me? I’m honestly not that good of an artist, and it’s important that my eBook covers look their best.

Any other special software that’s needed? Not really, no. So there you have it. If you were looking forward to my listing a slew of special software applications, then you’re probably feeling a bit disappointed. The good news is that you can get started with your own eBook publishing business with a minimum of software applications — thus allowing you to get going right away.

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