Collection of Unique Google Logos

Google has become one of the most powerful companies in the world and runs in the field of Internet and web suppliers. Nowadays, Google is the most effective search tool for everyone because thanks to Google tool, people can find any information they want. The designers of Google are trying to modify and upgrade the newest version of this Google tool. Thus, on any special day of the world, Google often display a small logo as the symbol of this special day. Below is the collection of unique Google logos of special occasions as follows:


Google logos of Independence Day or National Day of some nations in the world 


Some special occasions in the year expressed via the Google logos like Queen’s Day


Some festivals and anniversaries of nations within a year such as Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s Day


Funny and creative Google logo

The word “Google” is designed creatively


Thanks to sparkling Google tools, more and more users pay great attention to the significant events of the year like Day of Trees


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