Ccna Courses- Work With Google Docs

With the advancement of technology all the tasks that could only be performed by installing software at home or offices, can now be performed by simply being online. Web based applications were only used for the file sharing purposes but now they can be used to create files. Google Docs, the new revolution in the field of storing, sharing and creating data. The data can be made in the document form, spreadsheet or the presentation form. The best part about Google Docs is that it’s a freeware. Lets play with Google Docs to create spreadsheets.

How To Create A Spreadsheet:

Google Docs spreadsheet is designed in a similar pattern as that of Microsoft Excel. If you have used any other spreadsheet application, even then using Google Docs will be an easy task for you. The only thing that can confuse one is how to do all this online. So for that purpose here is a simple guide which will help you create spreadsheets in Google Docs.

Visit Google Docs:

When you are on the webpage simply load a new file from the top left of the page. From different options of what type of file you want select ‘Spreadsheet’. This will load a blank template.

Create Your Spreadsheet in Google Docs:

The spreadsheet is similar to any other spreadsheet application. Most of the features and tools are also similar. But you should give some time to explore all the commands, buttons, icons and workspace. The formulas used in any other spreadsheet application are acceptable. Thus formatting cells, margining cells and using formulas won’t be a difficult task. Simply use all these help full tools to create the spreadsheet you desire.

Save Your Work:

Like any other task, saving your work is also very important. On the right hand side of the page you will find a ‘Save’ button. The file name has to be entered after you click the ‘save’ button. The file name can be edited later as well by clicking on the ‘Rename’ button from the File menu.

The files can be edited by signing in your Google accounts. The Mobile Google Docs enables user to review and edit the files from their mobile phones if you have the internet connection activated on your cell phone. There are many built-in templates present to create the spreadsheets in Google Docs. Templates like Family Budget Planner, 2010 Monthly Calendar, Simple Budget Planner or Personal Monthly Budget are some of the commonly used spreadsheets templates. These templates will make your life easy if you don’t want to explore the tools of the Google Docs spreadsheets.

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