Black Google – Does Blackl Save Energy?

Search engines have been with us for a long time. Google is by far the market leader originating well over 50% of the world internet search queries. It is no surprise that black search engines based on Google’s technology which claim to save energy would get people talking. Today we look at the black Google search engines such as Blackl and the truth behind their energy saving capabilities.

It seems logical to anyone that a dark Google would consume a lot less energy. This works in theory, reality is slightly different. By using a dark Google search engine you are only provided with one piece of the display puzzle. Your monitor will dictate most of the energy savings you can achieve. So before you turn your Google homepage black, it is important you get the full information.

Studies have shown that a black background will in fact allow you to save energy. For CRT monitors, savings will generally be in the 10 to 20% range. This is quite a respectable number although, not as high as common sense would dictate. LCD monitors will not save as much. Lower spec 15″ screens will see power consumption decrease by about 1%. This percentage will rise along with screen size until it gets to an 8% saving on 18″ screens. Unfortunately there have been no official studies looking at bigger size screens.

This information will certainly help you building an informed view on exactly how much you can benefit from using a dark Google. We choose Blackl as an example of a black Google search engine as it is based on 100% renewable energy servers and minimizes data transfers so it can save more energy.

Wether you are looking into energy savings or you just feel like using a search engine which has a different feel to it, Blackl is definitely one option which will serve you well. Combining a black background with renewable energy servers and smaller data transfers seems like an interesting proposal. There are other alternatives out there, although none of them seem to be as technologically advanced (specially when it comes to providing Google’s search result display) or able to match its eco friendly features. Blackl is also capable of performing black Google searches for over 50 countries (yes, it is very likely that Blackl will provide a search function for your country!).

If you are keen on saving energy while still keeping the quality of Google results here is the link to Blackl:
Black Google.
For more information on the concept you can visit their about us section: Dark Google information.
Here’s the full list of countries covered by Blackl: Blackl official homepages.

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