BeBook eBook Reader

Bebook E-Book Reader in a short video presentation. I tried to show the e-ink display. The BeBook can read a lot of document types and is much more flexible …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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26 Responses to BeBook eBook Reader

  1. Stefan Endres says:

    I have no idea

  2. Blueberrymint says:

    if you got special kind of “see in the dark” eyes, you can. this gadget got
    an e-paper display, it’s similar like normal paper, so you need some light
    to see what’s on it.

  3. Peetowan says:

    what song?

  4. Tuxie says:

    Not once did you show the single one action people will do most: flip to
    the next page. :( Is it slow?

  5. Rafael Fyen says:

    At 1:25 he did several flips :)

  6. boredomltd says:

    Nadineeeee :D

  7. RobotgruntXD says:

    and the winner is… Sony! tin tin tin tin…

  8. xXjesperoXx says:

    NADINE!! =D

  9. TheCandymimine says:


  10. ookachuca says:

    awesome job!!

  11. admc8 says:

    FIRST! Also, i love nadine :)

  12. LaRstockholmsara says:

    Nadine! hahaahaahaha :) good job :D

  13. RytroSpyk says:

    Nadine representin’.

  14. TheLuLuFilms says:

    Kindle 4 is soooo me!

  15. TheDystopiaInside says:

    Nook can’t export your notes, what’s great about that?

  16. Stefanos Georgiou says:

    u need an e-reader or tablet, about 7 inch screen,where i will be able to
    upload my own pictures (its the most important) and good battery life!!any

  17. gamefreak249 says:

    Nadine!!! :D

  18. Matthewliu1 says:

    You have internet on KOBO!

  19. Claudio Torres says:

    Besides subbing because this actually helped, im subbing cause of the
    cutest canadian is hosting this :) @heynadine

  20. Holly Letson says:

    2 Kindles and 2 Kobos? Only ONE Sony? That seems kind of unfair to the
    people that make the best eReaders. There should have been 2 Sony’s to make
    it even.

  21. James Young says:

    Kobo touch motha fwa

  22. Paul King says:

    Nadine is a very good spokeperson

  23. Michael Beneteau says:

    haha i would like you to know im watching this because of nadine. and she
    did a radical job! yahhhh! go TECHY KNOWLEDGE!

  24. justforfreegame says:

    Huh??? I’m sad.

  25. FrakkaLiva says:


  26. crosspecans says:

    ballpark prices woulda helped!!!

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