Article Marketing Tips – How To Connect With Your Readers

A lot of people are writing and distributing articles online. Some of them even write one hundred or so articles per week and yet are still not getting the kind of response they want from their audience. The problem? Well, most of these people are clueless on how to get through to their readers. Their articles are basically useless. I am sure you don’t want to become one of them. So, let me help you become a more effective communicator/writer. All you need to do is follow these compelling tips:

Study your target audience. Start the process by identifying and knowing the people who’ll most likely to take interest on your articles. Are they just male, female, or both? What is their age bracket, occupation (or are they still in school?), interests, language, preferences, and profile? What are the things that they consider really important in their lives or business? What kind of information do they usually look for when they go online? The more you know about your target audience, the easier for you to figure out the kind of articles that they will really appreciate.

Make it sound personal. Always remind yourself that you’re not writing for newspapers or encyclopedia. Your articles will most likely to be read by those regular people across the globe. Make your articles sound more personable by simply writing them the way you would talk to a friend. Be upbeat and spontaneous. Get rid of lengthy sentences and boring, awkward paragraphs. Ask questions, tell jokes, and just have fun. You’ll easily be able to connect to your target audience if you give them the slightest hint that there’s really a human being behind your articles.

Empathize. Make your readers feel that you do understand where they are coming from. If you were once in their situation for instance, make sure to mention that. Statements like; just like you, I’m tired of trying diet supplements that do not work! Will help you make that much-needed connection with your audience. They need to know that at some level, you’re on the same boat. This is a good starting point in building customer trust.

Strive for excellence. Go out of your way to ensure that you give your readers exactly what they deserve. Start by choosing topics that they find interesting or those topics that they’ll find useful. Then, do your homework. Research your chosen topics thoroughly. Get as much information as possible. Also, offer tricks and proven techniques whenever possible. Online users are very smart; they can easily figure out if you’re really interested in giving them something that is not crap. They’ll surely appreciate your more for doing so.

Make your pitch benefit-driven. At the end of your articles, on your resource box, you’ll be allowed to pitch in your products and services. You can get your readers to really pay attention if you highlight the benefits that await them should they choose to take advantage of what you offer.

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