Are E-Books Turning Their Last Pages?

It seems like e-books have been around forever. At least since the coming of the Internet. Each year the books get longer, more filled with fluff and unnecessary information.

They’ve gone from 25 to 40 pages to 60 and 100 pages. Prices have went from $ 19 to $ 67 and $ 97. This is called the “thud” theory. Many years ago a book was valued by the loudness of the thud it made when dropped on the floor. The louder the thud, the more you charged for the book.

Never mind what was inside the book or the value of the information. Price was based on the thud. That seems to be the theory today, although an e-book doesn’t thud, in recent times it has become longer and longer presumably to impress the reader and give the perception of the amount of information given.

Sadly, it has all too often just been an increase in fluff.

So if not the e-book, what will replace it? The answer to that is – The Small Report. This is more or less a condensed version of the e-book without the fluff. These Reports usually consist of 10 to 15 pages. Although much smaller they can give you the same information that you would get from a much larger e-book without all the unnecessary stuff that you can do without.

Another great thing about a Report is the price. Getting practically the same good information will cost you only $ 10 to $ 20 dollars. Which is less than half the price of an e-book. Also reports are a lot easier to refer back to. Instead of going through innumerable pages to find that tiny nugget of information, all you need do is go through a very few pages and you’ve got it.

Do you remember Readers Digest? I don’t know if they are still around, but it was a magazine that took best selling books and condensed them down – took out all of the junk you didn’t need and told the story in a much shorter form. Nothing of value was left out. You got the same story with the same meaning and it was lot less tedious and boring.

The short Report is the Readers Digest of Internet marketing. I believe they are one of the best sources of online money making around. They are much easier to write than an e-book and a real easy money online product.

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