Acne Free in 3 Days – Behind All the Marketing Hype

No matter how good a product is or how well it works, it goes without saying that the marketing hype far outdoes the claims of the product. With hundreds of acne products claiming to rid you of your acne forever and millions who have tried using these products and still suffer with acne, you can see how hype is often nothing more than a profit booster for the companies who produce these products.

A short while ago a new “all natural” acne solution product hit the internet and the shelves of amazon and other well known book stores claiming to clear up your acne forever in just 3 days time. This was not a medication or treatment rather it was a book entitled “Acne Free in 3 Days”. I had started hearing about this book around the internet forums and in the news and I became curious about it but I was not about to hold my breath. Like many other people I have suffered with moderate acne problems for a while, and have been stung many times with acne treatments that promised the world yet delivered only half desired results.

I decided to give Acne free in 3 days a try, it was more or less just to prove to myself and my friends that this was all just a big hyped up product that was nothing more than another scam, and that sticking to acne treatments and medications that delivered half desired results as long as I continued to use them would be the best bet. I paid for the book and instantly downloaded it to my computer. I began to read the book and learned a great deal about acne and what the major causes of acne was. I learned that in order to cure acne you had to fight the causes of acne and not just the acne itself.

After reading the book, which basically teaches you an all natural acne diet. I began to follow the instructions of this diet closely although not expecting it to work at all. I ate what it told me to eat and cut out what it told me to cut out. After about a day I noticed that my skin started to look a little healthier but my acne was still there just as bad as it was before.

However, after 3 days time… I know what you’re thinking “Here’s the part where you praise the book, and say your acne was completely gone, and it was O so amazing right?”… WRONG. After 3 days I will say that I did start to notice a huge difference, my skin looked much healthier and less swollen. My acne was still there although it had begun to clear up a considerable amount.

Put it this way it was the most results I had seen in… well forever, so I continued to follow and adapt this new diet to my current one. Each day that I followed this all natural diet the more my acne cleared up and the healthier my skin looked. After about 5 and a half days of being on this diet my acne had nearly all cleared up and I felt a new burst of confidence about my appearance that I had never felt before.

It has been a few months now and not only do I feel and look great, but my acne has not come back. Yeah of course I get the odd pimple here and there but i no longer suffer from acne and I have Acne Free in 3 Days to thank for it.

If you take anything from this review take this, although the acne free diet in this book did not deliver results in the time it said it would, the truth is that it did deliver the results it promised, and it was a fraction of the cost of what I used to spend on acne treatments. The biggest difference is that Acne free in 3 days has permanently rid me of acne instead of temporarily getting rid of it like most acne treatments.

I am not going try to twist your arm, or try any type of guilt trip on you. If you want to give this book a try then you can get Acne Free in 3 days here. If you don’t want it then simply hit the back button on your web browser and continue your search for and acne cure.

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