A Brief Review of Google Nexus One

It was January 5th that Google announced their new smart phone Nexus One which runs Android 2.1 operating system with a number of interesting software and hardware features.

The Google touch phone is even slimmer, thinner and lighter than the Motorola Droid and iPhone. It is 12.3 mm thin and 11.5 mm deep and 130 grams weight. When purchasing a phone, you will receive a package containing a Nexus One, a removable battery, 4GB Micro SD card which can be expanded to 32 GB, USB charger and microphone headset.

With no physical keyboard, the phone has only four functional touch buttons (back, menu, home), search navigation trackball pointing device and physical pointing device and volume controls. The phone has a 480 x 800 OLED capacitive touchscreeen, estimating 3.7 inch wide. It is bigger than 480x 320 display of iPhone. It is considered as the best mobile display on the mobile market at the present with bright and lively screen.

This new phone is more powerful than the previous Android phones which are usually slowdown when using a great number of functions at a time. You can enjoy the world of color, sound and interesting features easily when using a phone with Snapdragon 1 GHz core processor, enabling phone to work with many programs more effectively.

It is noticeable that this Google phone includes a number of notable software features. For instance, Google Voice enables you to assign your phone, make a call and send messages easily; Google’s Voice Keyboard could convert your voice into text; the Live Wallpaper feature is pure eye candy; the new clock application has many new amazing features; Settings Backup service backs up profile, application, ringtone and other settings to the cloud; and they also added some more nice graphical touches, including 3D scrolling of applications, and a new way of viewing photos using the CoolIris technology.

However, battery life is a weak point of this new phone. The phone requires a great deal of energy because it runs many features and wide bright screen. Therefore, always keep the phone charging at the right time and do not use many applications at the same time.

At present, you can own a Nexus One at $ 529 if you purchase it directly from Google, or wait for a two- year contract with T-Mobile at the lower price of $ 179.

Leo Thorton is a software developer but very experienced in using Smart Phone and has some trustful appraisals in mobile field.

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