$7.00 Ebooks. Instant Payment for Affiliates and a New Viral List-building Tool for the Marketer!

.00 Ebooks. Instant Payment for Affiliates and a New Viral List-building Tool for the Marketer!

There is a new script that marketers are using that allow affiliates to sell Digital products and receive a percentage of the sales, instantly deposited into their paypal account. This is a great incentive for affiliates to spread the marketers Viral products. Most affiliates don’t like waiting 6 weeks for payment. The Instant Payment Script instantly deposits payment directly into the affiliates paypal account, as soon as payment is made though paypal.

This started with .00 Ebooks and there are many hundreds of these products available. Most of the .00 Ebooks are set to pay the affiliate 100% of the sale. Another strong incentive is the affiliate does not need to buy the product to qualify as an Instant Profit Seller.

There is also a great incentive for the marketer to offer 100% Instant Payment to their Affiliates. Most marketers who use the script, use it for its viral features. The marketer offers a 30-50 page manual on their chosen Niche. It should be original, new, and have a perceived value greater than the price.


When the sale is completed at paypal, payment is sent to the affiliate and the customer is sent to the marketer’s squeeze page where the marketer attempts to add their new customer to their list.

The customer is then sent to the marketer’s OTO “one time offer” page. Here the marketer offers an irresistible offer between .00 to .00. He may or may not split the OTO profit with his affiliate.

The marketer sets the script to his preference. After the OTO, the customer is sent to the thank you page where he can download the products he purchased. At this time The customer is given the Instant Profit Selling Code and offered the opportunity to become an Instant Profit Seller and receive 100% of the sale though their PayPal account.

The Viral Spiral begins! The marketer forfeits the original profit of the sale to build his list, makes a bigger profit on the OTO, starts a viral spiral, and makes money from the links placed throughout the manual. These can be links to the marketer’s products or links to affiliate products that he is selling.

The marketer prices his manual between .00 and .00 making it attractive for the affiliate to spread his viral products though-out the internet.

It seems to be working for both the marketer and the affiliate because these products are showing up in big numbers daily.

Software products are also being sold using the viral script. There is no limit on what can be released and used to create a viral spiral, as long as it is a digital product.

The money is really in the list, and marketers are building large responsive lists, using this viral method.

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