2010, Growth For The World’s Second Largest E-book Market – Disposable Dental Impression Tray

Since the Amazon (Amazon) Kindle published in 2007, the 2009 e-book reader market began to move towards growth stage. According to DIGITIMES Research statistics, the global e-book reader 1st quarter of 2010, shipments have exceeded 1.2 million units, annual growth rate of more than 200%.

DIGITIMES Research analyst Kuo Ming-Ji pointed out that if and Q4 2009, shipments of 1.62 million global e-book units compared to Q1 2010, shipments fell by about 25%, shipments fell for the consumption arises from Season 1 off-season demand for electronic products. However, compared with the same period last year, growth rate of more than 200%, which can be clearly felt the sharp growth in demand for e-book market.

In addition, the e-book market began to enter the era of fierce competition. The new brand, new supply chain operators to join and shape the emerging markets are the key factors causing increased competition.

Overall, the rise of China, is supporting this year a quarter of the volume of one of the key reasons. China in the first quarter of last year, shipments had reached about 60% of shipments, from the current tight situation, China this year is almost assured for the world’s second largest e-book market. Kingship of which is still the largest brands, new brand of China Mobile, Founder, grand, such as the World record will come on stream this year, the market, fierce competition.

From the sales figures, brand and the competition can be white-hot trend. The world’s largest book distributor Barnes eBook Nook, has set a single monthly shipments beyond the record of the Amazon Kindle. Kuo Ming-Ji said that this key is design-led Nook innovative dual-screen experience with the physical channel sales strategy worked. However, Nook’s continuing hot, the key still lies in whether the Barnes & Noble and Amazon compete with the content of resources, and continuing innovation in hardware products. For now, the U.S. market has become a global brand fierce battle line, and determine the world’s largest e-books will continue to market.

As for Apple’s hot new products iPad, Kuo Ming-Ji estimated 6 million units this year, sales point of view, but stressed that although the business model appears from the iPad, Apple hold the digital reading market, considerable ambition, however the current impact on the e-book sales are still limited. DIGITIMES Research predicts that global e-books in 2010 930 million units shipped, and the opportunity to watch millions of Taiwan, Hon Hai, PVI and other companies is still the major manufacturers this e-book supply chain.

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