Three Ways To Make Money Using Private Label E-books

“Private label” is more than just a hot buzzword. Private label rights ebooks and articles can be highly effective profit-generators, either by themselves or as supplements to a business or website.

Private label rights (PLR) text typically comes in the form of e-books (several thousand words or more) and articles (under 1000 words). Each PLR ebook or article contains written text on a single subject. The information that it contains is fairly general and universal.

A buyer who purchases one of these texts also obtains the rights to change, edit, enhance and publish that text however he or she chooses. Many business and website owners purchase them and use them as marketing tools. They personalize them by inserting the name of their business throughout the text or make other changes based on the specifics of their business.

An example of this concept may be a dermatologist with a private practice and supplementary website. He may purchase a private label ebook on the topic of “skin care”.

He may replace references to health care professionals with his own name and business name. He may add information about his own practice within the text. He then signs his own name to it as the author. He might then choose to offer this ebook to his website visitors as a personalized guide to healthy skin.

PLR ebooks are relatively inexpensive to purchase, especially when you consider how much money can be made off of it. You can make a profit off of your customized private label rights ebook in three major ways:

1) Re-sell it at retail. PLR ebooks that contain trustworthy, well-researched information are highly useful to consumers interested in a particular niche subject.

For example, a consumer who has a child with autism might surf the Internet looking for ways to encourage an autistic child’s learning. An e-book that has been “written” by an expert in autism, complete with detailed teaching/learning methods, would be of great interest to such a parent.

Such an ebook might sell for 50 to 100 percent more than buyer’s cost. Multiply that by numerous buyers and the profit potential is significant.

2) Use it to promote another product. Buyers of private label ebooks often give their customized versions away as enticements. They may use them to promote one or more of their own products.
Here’s an example: let’s say our dermatologist has developed his own formula for a sunscreen product. His formula is hypo-allergenic, full-spectrum and also contains an anti-aging complex that is good for mature skin.

He may customize his ebook and target viewers over the age of 40 who are interested in keeping their skin healthy and young. He could offer this free PLR ebook to customers and fill it with mature skin care tips. He could use this as a vehicle to promote his sunscreen at the same time.

3) Create an affiliate/joint venture program: Our dermatologist could take his skin care tips ebook one step further. He could partner with other websites and web-business owners.

These partners would have the right to use his ebook to sell his sunscreen product on their own websites. In exchange for distribution rights, these partners would receive a commission on every one of his products they sell or for each customer they refer to his site.

Savvy business owners may be able to find dozens of ways to make money off of a single private label ebook. Creative thinking is the key to generating profit for a very small investment.

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Engage and Excite Your Readers With These 10 Blog Writing Tips


It is a  fact that blogging is an important marketing tool, and many of us are becoming adept at writing articles together with other fascinating and informative morsels to be published on our own websites. We publish them on article directories, in the hope that our efforts will be noticed by others, who will subsequently include our offerings on their own sites, our goal being the acquisition of all important links.

Here are ten top tips to consider when writing blogs:

1) Be confident with your theory:

People find the reading of blogs  enjoyable and are interested in others’ opinions and beliefs. Make your content entertaining and factual and tempt the reader to comment and join in.

2) Don’t be too free with links:

Blog posts should never be overloaded with links. This could be off putting for your reader. Select  the most appropriate words at reasonable intervals. Make sure that each embedded link page relates to the product or facility you are promoting or blogging about.


3) Don’t get carried away:

Try to remain  on subject. It is easy to digress while typing and to lose sight of  what the core point  of the post was to be.

4) No more that three minutes please:

People’s attention spans tend to be limited,  Should your blog take  more than three minutes to read, you could lose your reader because they have lost  interest.

5) Go for a great headline:

Choosing your headline can sometimes be  the the most challenging part of blog writing. Be lead by  the newspapers who are known experts  at writing concise and exciting headlines.

6) Be enthusiastic:

People love enthusiasm, so write with a passion. The most enduring bloggers bewitch and delight their readers by writing passionately about their subject. 

7) Make adjustments:

Once your blog is written, read it over a couple of times. Rectify any mistakes and consider how the article may be improved. A blog is rarely faultless with the first read.

8) Be visually pleasing:

A readable blog must not comprise of large paragraphs and long, wearisome sentences. Use a font that makes for easy reading in an inoffensive size –  neither too large nor too small.

9) Write with consistency:

By being consistent, you can develop a following. Give your readers what they expect and they will come back for more, a little like a favorite novel author’s newest book release.

10) Be canny with your keywords:

Try to pepper your blog post with the keywords you think your readers will search for, without being too obvious of course. Spontaneously incorporated words are best.



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Excessive Sweating E-Books: How Effective Are They?

The condition of  Excessive Sweating or what is medically coined as hyperhidrosis, is actually a bombshell of embarrassment and humiliation for anyone who is afflicted with it. When you are suffering from too much sweating, there is no doubt that each second of your life seems like a ticking bomb ready to explode at anytime.

What is more, you need to do a handshake to a colleague introduced to you but just can’t due to extremely sweaty palms and hands. These are just a few of the embarrassing moments that keep hyperhidrosis sufferers to be always on their toes. When you are suffering from the condition of excessive perspiration, it is like you are always cloaked in a drape of anxiety.

Such condition can be a truly distressing condition what with the anxiety that goes with it. Sufferers will always find themselves on their toes about perspiring too much in public, or having beads of perspiration trickling down their faces each time. It practically ruins a sufferer’s life, which is one thing for sure.

For that, it becomes even more crucial to look for the best treatment method that can truthfully help you get rid of your  Excessive Sweating . Look into the countless of reviews available in the Web. They have been proven very effective and useful in helping sufferers find the most ideal solution to excessive sweating. In doing so, you are in a way saving yourself from totally losing your self-confidence and social affability.

It is not good to wait for a long time before you will finally address your excessive sweating predicament. Make it a point that when you try to find the right cure for you, it should be one that offers a holistic style of addressing the culprit. Gone are the days when you have to put up with those anti-perspirants and deodorants that do not seem to offer any permanent relief at all.

Dispose those ointments and creams that you apply since they do not truly pin down the culprit. Instead, they just cover up the sweating for a time. The results are short-term and therefore, excessive sweating becomes recurring. Go for the natural ways of curing your unnecessary perspiration. One may be through avoiding eating spicy and processed foods and instead drinking lots of water each day. Maintaining hygiene practices will also help a lot in getting rid of this abnormal condition of too much perspiration in you.

Is Excessive Sweating curable? Visit our website for the answers.

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Get Swarms of Readers Loving Your Content – Blog Marketing Magic

So many new bloggers get discouraged when weeks (or months) pass, and their blog still hasn’t generated the thousands of readers they’d hoped for. It really is a pity, because although they’d put in the hard work they’re not getting any results… all because of a couple of details- simple blog marketing tasks- that they’d overlooked. Had they done these quick and easy tasks, it’s likely they would have found a torrent of visitors.

What are these simple tasks? What does it take to get your blog read? Let’s look into some blog marketing ideas, which are known to pull in some serious traffic. Put aside the idea of having a blog “all about you.” Honestly- it’s been done far too much. Unless you happen to be a famous movie star, singer, or whatever Hollywood made of you, don’t expect many people to care about your everyday problems, much less read about it. A good start is to narrow your focus to a small slice of a topic area- a specific interest, or a specific hobby.

The next step would be to get involved in forums that relate to your blog topic, and simply socialize. You want people to know who you are, so make sure to set up your profile- photo, name, bio, etc… and especially your signature. Your signature is typically made of a short catch phrase, and a link- I recommend the link be to your blog! There’s no need to go around, telling people to look at your blog; simply chime in and become a part of the discussion. Every entry you make is a backlink to your blog, which people will follow if you sound knowledgeable (and often search engines too).

Check the forum’s page rank, too- you want to get involved in the most popular forums relevant to your topic. An easy way to do this is to ‘Google’ your main niche keyword and the word ‘forum.’ Look for forums with a few thousand or more members.

Another trick involves trackbacks and pingbacks. Mention other people’s blogs, and link to them with trackbacks and pingbacks enabled. What this does is notify the blog owners that they’d been linked to- and now they’re going to come and see what you said. Some of their readers will, too… yep! that means even more readers. Put this on turbo: target more popular blogs and do this- that means a LOT more readers.

Comment on other people’s blogs as much as you can. Don’t spam- take the time to read the post first. Most of the time, you can leave a backlink to your own blog. Especially if you have something good to say, people do follow these links to your blog (again, search engines too). It is best to target blogs relevant to your own (search them out just like above with forums). This way, you can enterprise on the targeted traffic it generates, and you will get repeat visitors.

The biggest thing to do is to keep posting on your blog. Your readers will constantly want something new to read- not the same stuff that’s been there for a month. Fresh new content is crucial to a good steady readership.

These are some basic steps should get you off to a good start, and will help generate more readers. There are ways to “automate” parts of your blog so you can focus on growing your readership even faster…

Jeromy is always searching for ways to help fellow Internet Marketers become more efficient, more effective, and reap more benefit from their online business. Ever wish you could automate those blog marketing tasks? Now you can: Get your backlinks indexed with Pingback Optimizer.

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How To Create Strong and Lasting Relationships with Your Readers

With the focus of social media marketing being the creation and maintenance of relationships with customers and associates it is important to understand the basics of interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication is social dialogue taking place between two or more individuals. Think of yourself and your customers as being communicators.

According to the American Psychological Association, “During the give-and-take of discourse, the communicators exchange facts, ideas, views, opinions, emotions, and intentions in such a way as to enhance or impede social relationships; create, maintain, and adapt identities; and create or resolve conflicts.” When you are creating social objects for the use of interacting with your associates and customers, remember that the content of these objects is crucial in defining those relationships and identities.

Start the Dialogue with Valuable Content

The name of the game is creating good content. If you want to establish your identity or brand as a credible and valuable resource, make sure that the content you are creating in your social objects reflects that objective. You don’t want to spend the vast amount of your time simply marketing your brand, but rather building your brand’s credibility so that outbound marketing becomes almost unnecessary.

Building your brand’s credibility, or inbound marketing, creates a two-way communication with your customer as opposed to the one-way information dissemination of outbound marketing. In order to accomplish your goal of building credibility with your customer, your communication needs to include factual, well-thought-out, and/or innovative ideas and opinions.

Keep your customers’ objectives in mind. You can maintain your objective of becoming a valuable resource by actually aligning your content with your customers’ objectives. They are looking for something. Give it to them. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself if you are giving them what they want and need. Doing this will help you identify the information you can give that will be most useful to them and, in turn, keep them coming back for more.

It’s All in the Presentation

In addition to the content of the communication, take into account the format of the content. A delicacy served on a paper plate isn’t worth as much as it is when presented on a china plate with a garnish. It’s all in the presentation. You may have extremely valuable content but if it is just thrown together without much effort put into the final presentation of the content, the social object you have created isn’t worth as much as it would have been with an enticing format. This isn’t to say that the content has become entirely worthless but it won’t be recognized as something of great value without the proper presentation.

It is human nature to be attracted to aesthetically pleasing things. Simplicity plays an important role in aesthetics. The general public is not interested in something that is over-complicated and time consuming. You can simplify your content without losing any of its integrity by presenting the key points of the subject matter and leaving out anything that doesn’t directly support the key points and doesn’t provide an element of entertainment.

Social objects can be, and quite often are, both informational and entertaining. Keep the entertainment relevant to your objectives. Hubspot has an excellent example of multitasking their social objects by providing information and entertainment with their web series, Foursquare Cops. When combining the element of entertainment in your social objects be careful to keep a good balance of entertainment and information. Your audience should still feel like they got some valuable information from your entertaining content.

Distributing Your Valuable Content

Focus your distribution efforts. Much of marketing, whether inbound or outbound, is trial and error distribution. Keep track of which communities your social objects are most successful in. Cater to the needs and desires of your customers. If your customers in one community seem to like one type or format of social object better than another, provide more of that type or format to the community in question.

Continually monitor the success or failure of your social objects. Social media is constantly changing and so are your customers’ wants and needs. The former appeal of one type of social object may be replaced by another. Keep up with the changes by keeping a close eye on the response to your social objects. Monitor your bounce rate, feedback and any other important analytics to your brand closely. You don’t want to be hung out to dry because you didn’t accommodate quickly enough.

“If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try again.” (1840 T. H. Palmer Teacher’s Manual 223) This old adage is appropriate for the world of social media marketing. If you don’t find immediate success, persevere until you do. This may mean changing some of your strategies or finding some innovative way to reach your customers. One positive aspect of social media marketing is that you don’t have to follow the crowd. Be adventurous and find the most effective combination of content, presentation and distribution for your brand.

For this and other articles by Brad Hess please visit Brad Hess is CEO and Founder of MyMark. I made my mark with, providers of an integrated personal profile, blog, eStore, and home base for all your social media, personal branding, article marketing, blog marketing, professional networking, and ecommerce activities.

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